Project Name Role Studio/ Producer
Beyblade Burst
Turbo/ Rise/ Surge/ QuadDrive
(70+ episodes/ 5 Seasons)
Bang Zoom Studios/
Disney XD
Shadowverse: Champions Battle Dawn of Calamity expansion Kobayashi/ Additional CyGames/ Xseed/
Nintendo/ Marc Graue
Life is Strange: Before the Storm
& Life is Strange 2
Dave Madsen/ Additional Deck Nine/
Square Enix
SMITE Bob Ross Sylvanus/ Grover Hi-Rez Studios
The Swim (Ben Lacomte’s Journey) Narrator Discovery/

FILM & TV (Top 5)
Project Name Role Studio/ Producer
Everything Everywhere
All At Once
DMV Patron/ Stunt A24
Future Man Dolphin Hulu
Goliath (S2 e8) Security Guard Amazon Prime
San Diego Honda (Commercial) Helpful Honda Guy Back 2 1 Casting
Thor Volstagg’s Body Double Marvel Studios
Project Name Role Studio/ Producer
The Roguelike Rumbles Player (Brady)/ GM Pick Your Poison
The Shadow Space:
 A Haunted Affair
Thomas Best Medicine Productions
IT Chapter 2:
 Derry Canal Funhouse
Pennywise WB/ Experiential Supply 
D&D Live 2019: The Descent Mad Maggie’s Bard Wizards of the Coast/ Sunweaver Creative
Two Players of Verona Shakespearean Improvist
Various Theaters
Language Pronunciation and Accent Mimicry; Martial Arts: Shoto Kan Karate (First Degree Black Belt/ Instructor), Jujitsu (basics); Dance: Swing (moderate), Waltz (moderate), Soft Shoe (basics); Juggling (basics); Fire Staff (basics); Able to sing national anthem as Kermit

DW “is very professional and skilled at voice-over work. He goes beyond what is expected and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Virgil Labrador

Editor In Chief
Satellite Markets and research