Other Projects

Feel free to look over past, ongoing, or future creative projects I am involved in!

Watch Party: Wheel of Time


Join us as Rhuarc guides you, along with a panel of brilliant guests (inc. DW McCann), through Amazon‘s blockbuster adaptation of Robert Jordan‘s fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time. Never read the books? That‘s ok, because neither has the panel. Rhuarc will break down every episode, discuss the themes, and answer your questions. This podcast can be enjoyed by die hard fans, and first timers.
Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

Watch Party: Gaiman

From Good Omens, to Sandman, to American Gods, we love the many universes Neil Gaiman has created. Here we’ll be watching and talking our way through the shows and films that have brought Gaiman’s writings to the screen. This show will be perfect both for die hard fans and those discovering Gaiman for the first time.

Irish Music Band

My group of Random Assorted… “ne’er do wells” who rise from the pub shadows to perform Irish folk and rock music at least every St. Patrick’s Day.
The group has existed in some form or another since the 1990s, but has been playing more regularly for the past decade.

Pick Your Poison Pub SIng

These talented folk invite you to join them as they sing pub songs, old and new. Comedy and Nerdiness abound as the pub fills with music, laghter, & good times! Come on out and sing along!

Feel free to look over past, ongoing, or future creative projects I am involved in!

Roguelike Rumbles

Live Event

Pick Your Poison and Roguelike Tavern bring you a live D&D PVP battle royale!
Four players enter the battelground led by the GM and fight until one is left standing, and the audience helps decide the outcome about as much as the dice do!

Merely Playing

Tabletop Game Demos

“All the world’s a game… & we are Merely Playing.”
~This is my series of demos where I cover gameplay & strategy for various tabletop games, whether Card, Dice, or Boardgames, giving folks not just how to play, but advice on how to play smart.

The Shadow Space

Interactive Theater

“A Near-Life experience for the recently departed.” ~
An immersive Theatrical experience with a mix of escape room, murder mystery, and haunting. As you reach through a permeable fourth wall, your actions affect the outcome… and your fate.